Tea & Coffee Importers Database

Version: 02.2016
Contains: The tea and coffee database brings together 2,379 companies from 87 countries. You get instant access to complete details about companies: company name, address, phone number, fax, general e-mail address (for all companies), website and category of products imported for every company.
Products Imported: The database has importers and distributors of black tea‎, blended tea‎, green tea‎, herbal tea, coffee beans, ground coffee.
New: We even provide the name and email of contact persons (most often the Purchasing Managers), financial information, year of establishment and the number of employees for some countries.

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Simple Layout

The main database panel includes general information about the database, as well as statistics regarding its content. It allows easy access to the information comprised in the database.

Easy to Use

The database works like any other Excel file. Once downloaded, it does not require an internet connection to work. You can copy and import the contents into your company’s software.

Sorting Information

The information included in the database can be sorted according to the following variables: company name, street address, postal code, city, province/state, country, phone, fax, e-mail, website, turnover, profit, year established, and number of employees.

Access to Detailed Information of Contact Persons

The new version provides you with a general email address for each one of the companies listed in the database. Plus, some companies have the name and email address of their contact persons.

Financial Information, Year Established, Number of Employees

Monthly updated financial information (such as the company’s turnover and profits) is available for some companies, allowing you to create a top-list of the best companies. Other important company details like the number of employees or company’s founding year are also at your disposal.

Country Coverage, Delivery Method, Quarterly Updates

This database provides relevant information about food importers from 87 countries worldwide. When your payment has been confirmed you will receive the download instructions in your email. Once downloaded, we will send you database updates on a quarterly basis.

Maximum flexibility of use

The database is very easy to use as it doesn’t require any installation. Once you download it you have instant access to the information (which is yours forever). Because it uses an Excel format, you don’t need to have an internet connection to use the database.

Use your company’s software to edit information

You can easily import the database into your company’s software and edit it at will. It works beautifully on most company software, including marketing software.

Quick Access

As soon as payment is confirmed you will receive an email with a password for your database. Then, in less than 12 hours from that, you will also be granted access to the database.

Importer Research

Since our database also includes companies’ number of employees or date of establishment, sales figure and turnover, you can now easily run a quick company check before contacting one of their representatives. This information is only available for some countries.

Update to a newer version

When you buy this database you are guaranteed to receive the most up to date version. Do you have an older version of this database and want to update it? If you think your version has expired, please place your order for an updated pack.

US $39